my mom: don't ever ever meet up with strangers from the internet
me at 12: omg mom do you think i'm really that stupid i would never do that ugh
me now: so do you guys wanna move here and like live under my bed or something
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Everyone always wonders why Dean’s voice got some much deeper from season one to now. I bet it was from all the screaming he did in hell.

go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done metatron

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If you ever feel bad just remeber there is a gif of me floating around tumblr of when I was 8 and I sat on the escalator and knocked down a table of jewelry at macys

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I wasn’t lying


I wasn’t lying

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Congrats on 2 million subscribers, Phil!

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do u ever just stare out the window and think about connor franta

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Kid: *Makes High honor roll*

*keeps room clean*

*eats healthy meals*

*never smokes*

*never does drugs*

*never drinks alcohol*

*never has sex*

Kid: *is bitchy once*

Parent: I’m sick of your shit! 

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Joe/Caspar + Collabs

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I would rather punch myself in the face than go to school

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i have so many questions about this

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Benedict Cumberbatch for Vanity Fair (recolored by shakespearee) 

Benedict Cumberbatch for Vanity Fair (recolored by shakespearee) 

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